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Jul. 25, 2007
The Rookie
Ginger shows off her rookie chainring greaseAs you might imagine, the mid-day Clif Bar bike rides can get pretty intense, so when someone new shows up, we’re generally licking our chops while waiting to put them in a world of hurt. 

Lately though, we’ve had a new rider coming out who definitely has the skills to hang. Ginger, the English Bulldog, isn’t generally regarded as a strong rider here in the office. In fact, Ginger's usually sleeping in her pod, beside her food bowl, with her tongue hanging out of her severely wrinkled face. Or stealing other dogs’ toys. Or attacking random employees for kicks. 

Ginger must be putting in the training miles, though, because she came out on last week’s ride and showed us why bulldogs are generally considered the strongest cycling breed out there. Not only did she take both the Hillcrest Manor and John McCrosker memorial sprints with ease, she also beat Tucker, the Black Lab’s longstanding record ride time by nearly two minutes.  

As Ginger attacked on the final climb and left the rest of us gasping for air, we were definitely asking ourselves: Hey, who let the…umm…forget it. 
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