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Sep. 15, 2006
The spin class that ate all spin classes
Cristen hoops aroundI love to spin. I also love to bike but to be honest, biking on the street kind of freaks me out. Between cars, narrow shoulders and random obstructions in the road, it can be a bit too dicey for my liking.

Despite my hankering for spinning, before last night, I hadn't ever been to a "real" spin class; I'd heard about how amazingly transforming they are but never went through with it (okay, I'll admit, I was a bit intimidated). But last night, I sucked it up and jumped on a spin bike to ride along in the first annual CLIF BAR Epiphany Spin Party—the event to get us stoked for our ride next weekend. Gosh, if all spin classes were like what I did last night, I've been missing out. I have a little hunch, though, that this was a bit out of the ordinary—to say the least.

SF DJ Ellen Ferrato rocked the house with her…house music (no pun intended), bringing the spinners to the finish line and the hoopers to the floor. Tasty sushi and veggie rolls were ideal finger foods while beer and cocktails were guzzled down.

And hula hoopers…how do those fit in you ask? Well, it was something wacky, zany and totally CLIF. I think we're all set for our 30, 50, 100 or 150 mile bike ride next weekend.

My friend Olivia was right, spin class was made for me.

For more photos from the night, check out!

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