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Jul. 13, 2006
There’s something under the trailer
“There's something...something on the trailer!” Ashley screamed. I quickly maneuvered the van and trailer to the side of the highway. Both of us sprint from Roxie to apprehend the perpetrator. To our amazement, we discovered a gremlin helping himself to a large hunk of rubber formally attached to the rear tire of the trailer.

Ashley calmly asked our new stowaway “what are you doing?" The distinguished Gremlin named Sebastian (after his late grandfather) replied, “ Well I recently decided that eating ducks and small children just isn’t for me. I figured I would try something else and your tire looked absolutely scrumptious.” I then told Sebastian that a steady diet of tires just won’t cut it and that he should try a CLIF BAR instead. Sebastian’s interest was peaked and he just had to try a sample. It was love at first bite and he promised to give up his tire biting habits from this day on. With a tummy full of CLIF BARS, Sebastian scurried off into the gutter leaving us stranded at midnight in Nowhere Virginia with a flat tire.

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