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Mar. 31, 2006
Time Management
Is it ironic that I meant to write this post about productivity, say, oh, nine days ago? Or have I just been so productive doing other things that it's only now bubbling up to my Next Actions list?
Two Tuesdays ago, Tara (the CLIF dietitian) and I got to attend a seminar by David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. I picked up the book last year and dabbled with the system he proposes. Spending eight hours with the man himself drove everything home and inspired me to commit more fully to working GTD (you can figure out the acronym). But, it wasn't all nuggets of wisdom...

Not only did I meet the author of one of my daily blog reads, but Tara and I were sitting right in front of him and his lovely wife. I wondered if Merlin was going to be there, since he writes about "personal productivity" and "life hacks" (stolen/quoted from his site). I highly recommend his if you're interested and bumping up your own output, happiness and life balance.

Merlin, I'll get those bars out to you first thing next week. Sorry for the delay... I was getting other things done. Anyone else got favorite time management tips/books/stories?
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