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May. 3, 2010
Time to Ride: May is National Bike Month
We’re pretty bike-crazy here at Clif Bar & Company. After all, our owner/founder Gary dreamed up the idea for a better-tasting energy bar on a long bike ride. Plus, he designed bike seats, raced bikes and has attracted a lot of bike-types to our company over the years.

May in National Bike Month!

If you’re even a bit like us, you can’t help but turn your thoughts to bikes in May, which is National Bike Month and home to Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Day (Phew!). As we were scrolling around that big Internet thing this week, we found some pretty cool new stuff going on with bikes all over the world. You can take some of them in if you’ve got travel plans this summer—or just look around your own town, where all kinds of bike stuff is likely happening starting this month.

Bike the Grand Canyon

As of May 1, you can rent bikes at the Grand Canyon National Park visitors’ center through the fall season (8 a.m. to 6 p.m., daily). Park officials say cycling is a particularly good way to experience the park’s popular South Rim.

Fly Israel’s Bike-Friendly Airline

Got plans to work on a Kibbutz in Israel this summer? Or just take a trip to the Holy Land? El Al, Israel’s flagship airline, will fly you there and let you bring your bike along free. El Al says it’s the only global airline that doesn’t charge passengers to check a bike in addition to luggage. Sounds like bike touring in Israel is cranking up.

Ride Up for an Espresso

Next time you’re in Denver—or now, if you live there—check out the city’s (nation’s?) first bike-thru window. Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop on Platte Street has opened a bike-thru window for espresso and bike parts. It operates daily, 7 a.m.-10 a.m., before the bike shop opens for business. You can even pre-order your drink via text or phone.

Pedal Your Way into the Movies

Just in case you’re going to Lithuania this summer, check out the Pasaka art house cinema in the capital city of Vilnius. The movie projector there is powered by stationery bikes. During films, 20 volunteers will pedal bikes to run a generator that powers the projector. Viewers—that could be you—can join in as well.
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