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May. 10, 2005
To Bloat or Not to Bloat
So, I'm sitting hear trying to right an article for the Eat Well section on While I am a bit of a nutrition nerd (I fully admit it), I really try to give nutrition the hip voice it deserves because eating well really is a lot sexier than it gets credit for. I mean, really, doesn’t a sleek, crisp, fresh, organic apple sound a  whole lot better than a fried Twinkie? (I’ve tried one, by the way, and, like most fried food, totally overrated).

This month's topic is sodium, and, man, it's hard for even me to get fired up about that. Lots of good info on it but dry, dry, dry for an Eat Well article. Now, high blood pressure, there is a great reason to cut back on the salty snackies, but not really a fun or grabbing lead for the young, invincible, hip women out there who still think smoking to lose weight is a good idea.

What about leading the article with bloating? That's something all women are interested in today. Women are always plagued by the bloat – and the primary culprit? You guessed it. Sodium. (Well, that and probably also beers and overdoing the fiber thing to try and get a laxative effect – yikes, not good!)

Bloat? Now, there’s a good hook! Coming soon to a LUNA website near you.
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Tara, the RD
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