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Jul. 21, 2005
To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid…

So, it would be great to have enough money to buy a hybrid right? Though, I agree that the Prius is kinda 90’s now that everyone has one, but it’s still a great regular car alternative. And what about that slick Honda Civic Hybrid that nobody pays any attention to? What about all of those fancy, schmancy hybrid, dare I say it, SUV’s coming to a car lot near you?

I love my old Honda Accord. It’s reliable, I keep the trunk empty, the tires inflated and the engine tuned up, so I feel ok about it. Would I love to buy a hybrid? You bet, but right now I just can’t afford it. But, maybe some of you can. If you can, you should do it because you’ll save money and you’ll help save the environment and so on and so on…

My next car will be a hybrid car, or a hybrid truck to pull a horse trailer, that is if I ever get a horse (that’s another conversation). In the meantime, I’ll be thinking and planning and researching all the latest and greatest there is to know about hybrids so I’m ready when I get the cold hard cash.

In fact, if you’re thinking about buying a hybrid right now or in the near future, you have to check out a  little article from those scientists over at the Union of Concerned Scientists for a quick course in How to Buy a Hybrid. Take a look at the entire website while you’re at it, it’s a great resource.

Let me know if you have a hybrid, let me know if you love it, let me know if you hate it, just let me know somethin’…

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