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May. 10, 2005
Toby’s got issues
I'm waiting for Marianne, the dog walker, to show up, and can't wait for her to get here. (Dog walker, another fine example of the CLIF concierge service for employees here.) Toby and Scrubby (my dog and a co-worker's that is staying with me) are getting closer and closer to me, crowding my desk, so pretty soon I won' t be able to pull back my chair.

But here's the deal, when she does come, Scrubby goes running up to her, while Toby crouches behind my chair, not wanting to go with her. He's so neurotic, and, of course, loyal to me, but here's his chance to go out and run around and sniff dog butt, and he' s acting like a kindergartner who doesn't want his mother to leave him at school.

Dogs are a lot like people, even though we're not supposed to anthropomorphize. Look that up in your old Funk and Wagnalls.
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Mary Kate
Office Life

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