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Nov. 1, 2010
Training in the Spaces in Between
Many athletes know the frustration of balancing real-life responsibility with the need to train and compete. As life gets busier and spare time becomes an invaluable commodity, we often have to make some tough choices to maintain a workable home life while retaining a semblance of our past fitness.

Do you spend your one or two days off each week with your kids? Or do you go out and get the four-hour training ride you need in the bank so you can hang in next week’s local crit?

You can mull those two options, or you can get super-creative and have it both ways.

Chris Randall Stationary Bike

CLIF SHOT Brand Manager Chris Randall has had a lot on his plate recently: whether its traveling to events, executing a complete revamp of CLIF SHOT Energy Gel, finishing up Clif Bar & Company 2011 planning or working on a few more “classified” projects, finding time to do anything but work had become a challenge.

So, how do you find time to do all this while training and still spend time with your family? It’s easy. Here’s what you do:

  • 1. Tell your kids that you have a special treat for them on Saturday night…a picnic!

  • 2. And to make it even more special, we’re not going to the beach or to some crummy State Park like everyone else…we’ll picnic in the garage!

  • 3. Best yet, we don’t have to have hotdogs or hamburgers or any type of delicious sandwich made with crusty bread, soft cheese and deli meats…we can have pasta with no sauce!

  • 4. But the kicker is, unlike most picnics where you have to deal with looking at wilderness scenery or the stupid ocean, you can watch dad bathe in his own sweat as he ticks off the minutes on his stationary trainer. Why bother looking for seashells when you can watch your old man do his next interval! It will be epic.

So, next time you think you can’t work hard, be a good dad and stay race-fit, just follow Chris’s tried and true formula to victory on all fronts.
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