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Jun. 24, 2008
Tri it out in Essex
Our friend David was out and about this past weekend at a local triathlon—local to him, at least.

The Harwich Runners Club Triathlon was in Harwich, Essex (yup, another UK event). With about 312 athletes, competing in the Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon, David was out there sharing the Clif Bar love with some curious Euro athletes.

It was a blustery, sunny day—a bit challenging to ride a bike, and fending the chop in the water probably not that much fun either. Nonetheless, an event is an event and a perfect opportunity to help an athlete out who may need a little oomph before race day.

Some nutrition recommendations here and performance advice there, David was able to get those athletes in tip top performance for race day. Heck, Hugh and Harry, two young lads (brothers in fact), spent a good chunk of time hanging out at the booth before they crossed the starting line, sampling all of the flavors to decide which bars to take on their camping trip. The two ended up taking first and second in their age group…coincidentally, or maybe not so much.

Did you happen upon the Essex run? Ever been to Essex? Want to go to Essex? Would love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and a friendly reminder to say hello to our friend David if you do happen to see him sampling bars and Bloks. I venture to say he might appreciate a little howdy.
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