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Apr. 28, 2009
Trois Biscotti Survives a Week in Sector 16

This just in…

Trois Biscotti reporting after a week in the mysterious place known only as Sector 16:

Well, I’ve spent the last week and a half in Sector 16 and I will tell you one thing—I have an entirely new outlook on life in general.

Sector 16 is a spot where many would like to spend time, but only a lucky few get the chance to.

Here's a list of my “activities” during a week in Sector 16:

I drank at least 3 to 4 cups of coffee each day. It is in the contract.

Consuming numerous bottles of Quench is a must there.

They fed me only pizza so I think I put on 10lbs.

Ordering 10,000,000 Z-bars can happen in Sector 16.

Dylan and Eric talk about the “Port Ride”—mainly Eric.

I told Dylan to, “Man up and race Memorial Day weekend.” Dr. Wells believes his femur will be good to go. In Sector 16 they said I could be a doctor.

I walked around with a cane a lot trying to make Dylan feel better about himself. He needs it!

Geography is different in Sector 16. I learned that Boulder is just a short bike ride from Durango and that Colorado is actually the size of Rhode Island.

Got another nickname (as if I didn’t have enough already)—Trios Biscotti (don’t ask).

Did the “house ride” about 10 times.

Had some more Quench.

Learned that a 40 year old amp can still cost 9 Benjamin’s—Eric is a baller and a rock star.

Did some Team Clif “media training.”

Helped brainstorm on the ’09 cyclocross causal clothing. We are going to look good!!! And I mean real good. Not the normal cycling causal look, I promise.

Signed my big photo (from Cross Vegas) that hangs in the ‘Bike Shop’ meeting room—as ‘Trios Biscotti’ of course.

Got to see Mars’ sick Mohawk.

Killed it in Rat-A-Tat-Cat.

Put in over 25 hours of venue time at Sea Otter. I don’t know if I will be recovered in time for bump-n-grind. Does that sound dirty?

Got 12th in STXC.

Overheated in the XC—weak.

Eric may have bigger calves then JPOWS.

The USGP of Cyclocross calendar is awesome. USGP should offer it for sale. It hangs, in all its glory, in Sector 16.

Nice seeing a product get changed for the better—the Fastpak is one of the many wonders coming out of CB&C.

SpeedCork will take over the world when it drops.

As you might believe, I’m worked over from my time in Sector 16.

Taking a rest week then it is off to Joe Martin stage race.

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