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Dec. 8, 2010
Troy Wells’ Cyclo-cross Report
The domestic cyclo-cross season is coming to the pinnacle. With Nationals this weekend in Bend and the final round of the USGP's in Portland this past weekend, it’s go time! Here's Team CLIF BAR athlete Troy Wells' report leading up to Nationals.

I've started to find my legs over the last couple of weeks. After a solid race in Fort Collins resulting in a 6th on Sunday and being awarded SRAM's most aggressive rider, I had a weekend at home before it was time to travel to Iowa City for Jingle Cross.

Jingle Cross is one of my favorite races all season. It is a 3-day event with two UCI C2s and a UCI C1. Todd went to Jingle Cross 3 years ago and wouldn't shut up about what a great event they put on in Iowa. The next year I made it to Iowa City and I will say this is an event that I will participate in for as long as I'm racing cross.

The promoter, John Meehan, and his crew do a great job from top to bottom. Saturday and Sunday night they put on gatherings at local bars that a good amount of people come out for. It’s just an all around good time.

Check out some video from the weekend’s race

The race kicked off on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. under the lights. November night race… whattt!? This gave me my first chance to test out the new Capo thermal skinsuit. I give it the Trois Biscotti seal of approval. It was awesome and kept me warm in the 25 degree weather. The course in Jingle Cross is famous for Mt. Krumpit giving the course the most vertical gain per lap we see on the domestic scene.

On Friday night we climbed Mt. K and came right down the face of the hill with off camber ice covered descent. The descent got the best of me as I was in a battle for 3rd with two laps to go. The bike came out from under me and I ended up in the banner roll. It took me a while even with help from the fans to get myself back up and rolling again. I ended up holding on for 5th for the night. A good kick off to Jingle Cross.

Saturday morning my mechanic, Ben Stalker AKA ‘Stalker’ suited up for the Men’s 4 race. He took home the BIG W on his demo bike thanks to Brian at Focus who, by the way, has been carting my bikes around for most of the season.

Stalker might need to upgrade soon considering the guy is a Cat 2 on the road and a solid mountain biker (sandbagger). My race on Saturday resulted in a 7th for the day – too much running up Mt. K for The Bear. I think the only ones who love the run are Trebon and the spectators with dollar bills.

Saturday night we hit the Jingle Cross Party at The Hideaway. Todd and I just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone with our eye on Sunday’s big C1. C1’s are the highest UCI category race we have in the US. With more points and money on the line it was the main race of the weekend for all of the Elites.

Keeping The Hideaway visit brief paid off, as I had my best day of the weekend! Driscoll got the hole shot, never looked back and left the rest of us chasing all day. I was able to ride with Todd, Trebon and Jones for most of the day. Todd and I bunny hopped the barriers which gave us a little advantage but I couldn't capitalize on my moves, although it did make for a great video (see below)!

I was in the mix for a good part of the day and ended up rolling in for 5th. I feel like the form is coming around just in time for the last two weekends of cross. The forecast is showing snow in Bend. Hopefully the diverse conditions will be good for Trois – though maybe not so good for Stalker.
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