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Nov. 19, 2009
Troy Wells & Trois Biscotti - For the Record: A Cross Season Update

As many of you know, Troy Wells (aka: Trois Biscotti) spends the cross season flying the Team Clif Bar colors.
No doubt, the dude races like a maniac. It’s hard to find a race photo of Troy without some sort of crazy facial expression that makes it crystal clear the guy’s going 110%.
But Troy does a lot more than just race a bike…

For the record:
On the way to Vegas in September, Troy ate the biggest burrito any of us had ever seen. It was like watching someone ingest a good-sized house cat. Like a tabby that’s been overfed and wrapped up in a tortilla.
The owner of the restaurant actually came out from a back room to meet Troy in person.

Troy sported an all-white, one-off Capo skinsuit for CrossVegas. Gary & Rob at Capo put the duds together and the kits looked damn good. There’s just something magically ripimpulous about a white skinsuit.

Trois stole my cycling computer.Yup. Borrowed it in Vegas and says he sent it back in a fork box a while back but I never saw it.

Truth is, I haven’t looked in any of the fork boxes he sent, so he may very well have sent it back—but I sorta like the idea that he’d just steal it. Gives the guy a little sinister edge—it’s where Trois steps in and elbows Troy out of the way. So in my book—Trois stole the computer.

But I stole his Oakley hoodie. Yup. It’s all mine to keep and I wear it a lot. It’s so cozy.

Truth is, Troy thought he left it in the shop here at Clif, but I never did find it—so I don’t actually have it. But let’s not tell Troy that. I sorta like the idea that I’d just swipe it. Gives me a little sinister edge, which makes me feel just a bit more like that scoundrel Trois Biscotti.

Here are some of the notes and quotes I’ve gotten from Troy this season:

On Capo
“Their clothing is the best cycling clothing I’ve ever had. They recently moved since the last time I stopped by. Gary V runs the show @ Capo and his new office is baller. He has a window and from what I gather from Dylan is if you have a window in your office that is big time.”
*For the record—Dylan does not have a window in his office, but he aspires to someday have one.

On CrossVegas
“CrossVegas is different than just about any race you will ever do. Everyone from the industry seems to make it out and it is like a big concert with the race being the main performance. My race didn’t go so well but I have never seemed to put it together in Vegas for some reason. At least I looked good in the all-white custom Capo kit.”
*For the record—Troy did look good & CrossVegas does rock.

On Interbike & the TCB Foosball Invitational
“I got to meet a lot of our sponsors. It is nice to be able to put a face and personality with the e-mail address. So I stopped by Salsa, TRP, Crankbrothers, fi’zi:k, Oakley, Giro, Mavic and SRAM.

The big event of the show was the TCB Foosball Invitational. Todd and I partnered up in which had to be truly the worst foosball team in history.”
*For the record—Troy & Todd were a pretty bad foosball team. Watch the video.

On a Post-Race Dinner
“I joined the Clif crew for dinner. I quickly realized it wasn’t going to be an easy dinner when Scott decided it would be a good idea to polish off a bottle of Clif wine between Dylan, Towle, and myself. 4 guys, 5 minute drive = bottle done. It didn’t end there, since we were having sushi, sake goes hand and hand. I was home by 12 packing my bike for the 8 a.m. flight to the next event…”
*For the record—None of this actually happened. Another one of Trois’ evil little pranks.

On the Recent Boulder CX Weekend
“The course ended up having a good amount of mud and off-camber corners, which I tend to excel on. I was able to have a decent start and move my way into the top 5 by the end of the 2nd lap. My race ended up being uneventful and I rolled in for 5th. When you are dealing with a muddy race you need to find your zone and keep the mistakes to a minimum.

The next day at the Boulder Cup it was dry and fast. The course had the most sand you will see all year in the states with about a quarter mile of sand pits per lap. I had a good race going until I did this on the barriers…” Watch the video.
*For the record—Nice race on Saturday Troy! And a pretty slick tumble on Sunday too. We’re happy you’re OK.

And likely our very favorite Troy Wells interview from Colt at Cycling Dirt...
*For the record—“You gotta be positive, buddy.”

Troy Wells and/or Trois Biscotti fans can read more about Troy’s adventures & misadventures here...
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