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Apr. 29, 2010
Understanding the Food System: Movie Edition
Let's face it -- we're all busy. We here at Clif Bar & Company understand that everyone doesn't always have the time to flip through the newest book on the food system and sustainability. But thankfully, there are some amazing films out there that do the job wonderfully, summing these interesting topics up in a visual package. To celebrate the end of earth month, here are some great, informative films out there that are a wealth of information.

The Real Food Challenge - Check out this wonderful video from a student-run grassroots organization that is changing campus food service across the nation. The real food challenge is to drive an increase of real food, with a goal of reaching 20% real food on college and university campuses by 2020.

The Meatrix - Understand factory farming and you begin to understand our broken food system. The Meatrix uses a series of animated videos to expose the problems with factory farming while making the world safe for sustainable family farms.

The Story of Stuff - Ever wondered how your iPod gets made or what happens when you trash your broken gadgets? The Story of Stuff is an eye-opening 20-minute film that shows the real costs of our "stuff," all the way from extraction to disposal.

Future States: Plastic Bag - No, not that plastic bag. The Future States: Plastic Bag is the story of a plastic bag seeking the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Fresh - What's the real cost of our food? This inspiring film celebrates the people that are reinventing our food system, for the better. Check out the trailer, and join the movement on Facebook!

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Chris Morell

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