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Oct. 7, 2005
Veggie Box Therapy
Joining our office Organic Verde Club (our weekly organic veggie box delivery from a local farm/CSA is your ticket to health! Anyone who works here can receive a cornucopia of guaranteed healthy surprises delivered to their desk each week.
Why do so many CLIF-sters's let this opportunity pass them by? I surveyed and found not one excuse that held water.

I empathize with the excuses but argue that if you persevere, you'll find pros easily outweigh cons. So don't throw your lettuce and leeks in the air screaming, "No more!" Continue cooking those leeks until you figure out a way in which your husband will eat them!

Let me share with you what the veggies have taught me:

  • Rotting Veggies Anxiety Never fear! Wash them, prep them, bring them in for lunch, steam them up in the microwave, make Soup Surprise, and freeze some. Some veggies will end up compost. Be OK with that. Over time, less and less veggies will find their way to the garbage because you'll learn to cook and store them. The freezer is your friend.

  • Cooking inexperience When in doubt, roast, sauté, or braise—(almost) fool-proof techniques. Sometimes it may taste weird, but that's how you learn. Oh yeah, cheese. Add cheese!

  • You Get What You Need at Berkeley Bowl One word, PARKING. Have you ever tried to park at Berkeley Bowl? Who needs the stress when you can have your food delivered here to work, free of charge.

  • The Selection Yes, there are more veggies than fruits. That's why it's called the Veggie Box. Yes, you get things that don't go together. Buy compliments, and once you learn what you get in what season, you can buy compliment foods ahead of time.

  • More Veggies than My Household Will Eat Now that is just crazy talk, especially if you're feeding your family. Everyone should eat at least 2 1/2 cups of vegetables each day! And, if you are making veggies your main course, you can wipe out a veggie box between 2 people in 3 days!

  • It Takes Too Much Time to Prep Wash, cut, prep, and contain everything while cooking other meals. Awww, such accomplishment multi-tasking! Most veggies will keep just fine in the fridge, dirt and all, until Saturday morning. Throw the whole bag in the fridge & get to it when the chance arises.

Persevere and the pay off will be great convenience, nutrition, cost savings, and support for local farms.
Find a community-supported agriculture farm near you and visit to learn more.

Posted by:
Tara, the RD
Food Matters

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