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Oct. 16, 2006
Volunteering at the BORP Revolution Ride
Alejandro and his pbj sandwich!Paul, director of LUNA Pro Team and die-hard cyclist worked at BORP's Revolution Ride Fundraiser on Saturday. Here's what he had to say:

"What do you want to eat? Do you want a PBJ sandwich? How about a banana? Can I fill your bottle?" I'm speaking to Alejandro, a cyclist tackling a hard 65-mile course, pedaling only with his hands. You see, Alejandro has no legs. He's a disabled cyclist participating in this year's Bay Area Outreach Program (BORP) Revolution Ride fundraiser.

In this unique event, disabled and able-bodied cyclists participate together on courses that will challenge their fitness level and physical ability. The rides range from 6 miles of flat bike path up to a challenging (100-mile) century. I'm volunteering at the event, and have been appointed to be a Rest Stop Captain. Other volunteers help the challenged riders tackle the course on specially built three-wheeled bikes.

I'm stationed at the Graton Rest Stop, west of Santa Rosa. It's the starting point for the 6-mile ride, as well as the 39-mile point for both the 65 and 100-mile routes. At Graton, we service the most physically challenged as well as the most fit, able-bodied cyclists, side by side.

Volunteers and participantsAs I direct the volunteers at the rest stop, I'm moved by how much fun everyone's having. The volunteers, the disabled cyclists, and the racer-types who ride the longest routes with seemingly little effort. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves equally. I encourage everyone at the rest stop to cheer each and every rider that passes through, and each cheer is met with the same reaction—a smile and perhaps a clenched fist symbolizing a sense of accomplishment.

By 1 pm, we tear down the rest stop as everyone has passed through. We head for the celebration at the Trentadue Winery at the finish to enjoy a gourmet catered meal and sample the wines. I enjoy a nice conversation with Alejandro and his family while other riders trickle in after a safe and successful ride. What a great day!

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