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Mar. 5, 2008
(Wacky) Waffle Wednesday…again
It’s been a while since SR decided to throw a Waffle Wednesday. It's never easy to know when it might happen next. I guess since it’s applicably called Waffle Wednesday, one has a pretty good chance of figuring out which day of the week it could be. But the month? Completely up in the air.

It all started when Pat got back from Europe and became stoked with all things related to nutella. Naturally, this obsession lead to the first ever Waffle Wednesday, which, despite the fact that the breakfast was declared as a long-standing event to occur the third Wednesday of every fourth December, went strong for a while. And then abruptly stopped.

This morning, however, after the hope of another random Waffle Wednesday had finally faded from my mind, Matt came over to my desk and announced that Waffle Wednesday was back from its hiatus.

Way to keep us on our toes and what a pleasant surprise it was.

The setup was far more covert than before (perhaps part of an attempt to keep everything in pure stealth mode)—there was no festive table cloth or sombreros and oversized cowboy hats.

Instead, it was just pure and simple waffles (nutella, optional).

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