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Jan. 29, 2010
Watch Out for Boilerplates

Do you want to know what a boilerplate is? Or how some people have fun in 6 degree weather on the side of an ice cliff? Sure you do! Let Johnny Love, Clif Bar CO/UT Field Marketing Crew Captain, fill you in below…

Well, as you may know, Field Marketing can be as tough as herding cats in the winter. Especially in Utah where it’s cold, it’s cold, aaaaand it’s cold. To quote the Utah region crew captain George: "it gets downright nuclear out there with 100 inches in 100 hours."

What possesses us to stay outside after setting up in zero degree weather, getting dumped on all day? Well, I’ll tell you. It's the fun of hanging out on the side of a cliff with your mates, bashing knuckles on some ice in the San Juan Mountains.

Ahhh, the San Juan’s (also known as the Switzerland of America), are the Mecca of ice climbing in the western United States. The best part is (don’t tell anyone), if it ain’t snowin’, it’s sunny: no wind, warm(ish), and gorgeous.

The crew decided to get some laps in at this year’s Ouray Ice Festival and even got to try out some clinics. The illustrious Corey Clark climbed like a goddess on the ice and made us all look like rookies. Big Al had a one on one clinic with Fabrizio Zangrilli and fine tuned his technique as well as made a new friend (it turns out that they live down the street from each other). And of course I, Jonny Love, took a shot to the face with a piece of boilerplate (sharp ice chunk that takes you out) thus, making it really easy to name this piece.

Hard work was put in and fun was had by all.

We got lucky this year with the weather…the coldest it got was 6 degrees plus we had a lot of sunshine. And of course the climbers were stocked up with Clif Bars to give them energy to do just one more pitch and everyone was smiling.
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