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May. 10, 2006
Welcome home!
Roxie RageOur mobile marketing gig with Guster's Campus Consciousness Tour officially ended with the last show on Friday. It was a bittersweet ending to an amazing ride. Roxie needed a break and we have to admit, it sure feels good to be in our own bed and reunited with our dog.
For the past month and a half we've made Roxie our home and we took the country by storm. Here's a snapshot of our trip by the numbers:

  • CLIF and LUNA were represented at 25 Guster concerts

  • Over 85,000 people were given a CLIF or LUNA BAR and that doesn't include Earth Day or any other festivities in New York City

  • Roxie drove through 20 states ((CA, OR, WA, ID, UT, WY, CO, NE, IA, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, NY, NJ, CT, VT, MA) and about 8,000 miles were added to her speedometer

  • We slept in over 40 hotel rooms

  • 590 signatures were gathered for the virtual march, 164 people signed up for the Breast Cancer Fund mailing list and 86 Cool Tags were sold to concert goers—offsetting 25,800 lbs of CO2!!!

How's that for a whirlwind of a trip?
And a cross-country tour just wouldn't be the same without a few favorite moments:

  • Having dinner and drinks with the band members and Reverb

  • Going to 25 live concerts of one of our favorite bands (and no, we didn't even get tired of hearing them!)

  • Riding in The Big Green Bus with the band to an organic farm in New Hampshire

  • Attending City Year's final meeting of the tour and receiving special recognition awards

Special thanks to CLIF BAR, Guster (and all of their awesome crew), Reverb, City Year and all of the great organizations that we got to meet and set up with in the eco pavilion along the way. We'll miss you all!

Check out all of our photos from the road on
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