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May. 2, 2007
Wetsuit chafe or hickey?
Wetsuit chafe or hickey?So our beloved podmate, Amy, walks into work on Monday with a distinctive looking bruise on her neck. I know it’s been a while since high school, but who can forget what a hickey looks like.

Despite her claims of innocence, we were suspicious. Apparently the war wound was not administered during a lip-lock but while swimming in the bay over the weekend. Training, as it were, for the upcoming Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. The technical term is wetsuit chafing. However, I’m not convinced.

Notice the position and size. Plus, there have been no other known cases at Clif Bar. With all the triathletes running around this office, you’d think we’d see more of this sort of thing. Or at least an increase in the use scarves during the Tri season. Hardly.

What do you think? Guilty or innocent?
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