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Oct. 10, 2005
Whatever It Takes
I just finished my Monday morning spin class in the gym. It seemed harder than it actually was, because everything seems harder first thing on a Monday.

But while I was slogging it out through 8 or so intervals, a couple of 10-minute hill climbs on my spin bike, I was thinking about two of my co-workers who finished the Furnace Creek 508 this weekend.

This is a race across 508 rugged desert miles from Santa Clarita to Twenty Nine Palms in the allotted 48 hours, (46 for teams). Kenny finished the race in 27 hours, Paul in 32. That's what, 18.5 M.P.H. and 15.5 M.P.H. respectively? Kenny was the first of 4 solo riders who broke the 9-year course record! And neither one of these guys is a "spring chicken".

I wonder what you tell yourself in the midnight hours out there in the empty desert, or in the heat of the day, climbing a 5000 ft. pass. What mantra does someone possess in order to participate in "ultra" sports? I don't know, but the mantra must be heatproof, and watertight, and able to leap tall passes in a single bound. The music should be cranking in your ears or tranquil in your mind, and the nerves must be steely.

So this morning, without comparing apples to oranges, rock star athletes to sandbaggers, I told myself to suck it up, get through it, come out the other side, but not without a little inspiration from Kenny and Paul.

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