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Mar. 5, 2008
What’s in a name?
We have a longstanding tradition here at Clif Bar & Company to name our company vehicles. You might remember reading about the “Stinky Van” from way back when, named for, well, obvious reasons. Then there was of course “Roxy,” our veteran mobile tour Dodge Sprinter, which we recently retired and set out to pasture in the wild soybean fields of Dodge Sprinter yonder.

I’m not sure if any of our Field Marketing friends ooot and aboot have any names for their trusty Dodge Ram Bio-D rigs, but they certainly should. For example, I think Chris Leon in Texas might think about calling his truck, “StarsatnightarebigandbrightdeepintheheartofTexas.” It just has a nice ring to it, I think.

The naming of a vehicle is something that one should not take lightly. When I came to Clif Bar to run our Mobile Marketing program almost a year ago, I inherited a 1959 GMC 4104 Coach from my predecessor, Grady O, with no preferred nomenclature. In its past life, the bus ran a route in between its homebase in Mississippi and Indiana, logging over 3 million miles (no jokin’, Hoboken). I was not made aware of any previous names for the bus, but I figure that considering we did one of those extreme makeover bus editions on that thing, it was time for a new name. Not one for forcing anything – I left the naming task to the first crew on the maiden voyage of the 2 Mile Challenge tour this past Fall.

Someone told me that not having a name for a bus or a boat was bad luck; that’s not something I like to hear when my peeps are on the road, so I reminded Mike, Zac, Cris and Roy of their task periodically throughout the tour. Like me, they had trouble coming up with the right call sign for the old girl. Then one day as they navigated through the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch, from the heavens it came. Roy at the helm, he downshifted for the steep ascent up the road ahead and gave a few loving words of encouragement.

“Come on there Sugar Booger,” he said. The boys from the crew all erupted in laughter. If nothing else, that Roy was a wordsmith. And so it was that “Sugar Booger” was born; those who know her well just call her “Suge.”

Last week, after almost five months in dry storage, Suge came home to the CB&C mothership for a little TLC and some homegrown Berkeley Bio-Diesel (it’s good for the soul). Everyone I’ve talked to in the last few days has come by my desk to say how glad they are to see her back home. Only they know that Suge is never home for too long: the road beckons!

Later this week, we’re taking her down to Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo; next month we’ll also be heading down the way to Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic to remind ourselves how much we’ve missed our bikes over the winter. It won’t be too long before we’ll be back on the road again to see some old friends and find some new ones too. It’s time to tune up the bikes and remember how fun and liberating it can be to get out of your car and onto your bike. Suge and the 2 Mile Challenge Tour are coming your way very soon!

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