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Apr. 4, 2007
While the cat’s away…
Lots o dishesI was away for a week on a much needed vacation. I didn’t really go far, just stayed in town, went to the beach, and hung out with my friends who are visiting from England. It was nice to sleep in, and great not having to deal with phones, clogged toilets, or dirty dishes. Which leads me here: the dirty dishes, I mean.

Some kind soul took this fun picture of one of the break room sinks, (which isn’t a big surprise, really) and it looks like there was more than the usual amount of slacking off going on while I was out.

I’m thinking of posting some sort of chore chart, complete with gold stars for those who do their dishes, and little demerits for those who don’t. I’m not sure if that’s the answer, but for those of you who didn’t do your dishes while I was out, you get detention today at 5:00—break room of your choice!
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Mary Kate
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