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Mar. 26, 2007
Who knew?
If you haven't seen these numbers before, you have to read them now. Nobody's perfect, I drive a car too. But, these stats make ya think a little more about that trip to the corner store...and how you're going to get there.

From our friends at Environmental Defense:

Check out our list of facts on cars and global warming. Then, take action in support of national global warming action!

  • 232 million—Number of registered vehicles in the U.S. That's almost one per person!

  • 600 gallons—Average amount of gasoline consumed by one U.S. car each year.

  • 12,000 pounds—Amount of carbon dioxide emitted from one U.S. car each year.

  • 240—Number of trees needed to absorb the 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emitted from one U.S. car each year.

  • 2.7 trillion—Number of miles U.S. cars and light trucks traveled in 2004. That's the equivalent of taking 10 million trips to the moon.

  • 5—Percent U.S. population is of the world population.

  • 30—Percent of world's automobiles in the United States.

  • 45 —Percent that the United States contributes to the world's automotive carbon dioxide emissions.

  • 4—Number of car companies that support a national cap on global warming emissions. They are Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota.

  • 0—Number of bills passed by Congress to cut global warming pollution

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