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Jan. 29, 2008
Who would have thunk it?

Yes indeed. Who would have thunk that on a Tuesday morning, at 9:54am, the Consumer Service pod would be able to fit a whopping 11 people.

Mind you that this is no small feat.

The CS pod houses Bobby and Emily (two of the folks you get to talk to if you've got a question, comment or just want to say hello) in an approximately 15x15 foot area.

At one time, this cozy spot had four people buzzily working about. Though Bobby and Emily have a bit more room than year's past, this morning we decided to push the limits once again.

Just take a look at how squished but stoked they are with their major accomplishment. And to give proper credit to those present (L to R): Ewan, Eric, Chris, Rachel, Bobby, Ricardo, Janet, Emily, Ed, Kevin and Katherine.

Nice work everyone.

Note: it would have been twelve but i had to snap the photo to mark this momentous occasion.

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Amy, Miss Web Gal
Office Life

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