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Aug. 20, 2008
Why don’t ‘ya whip up some Clif Tacos
It’s amazing what a little ingenuity can do when paired with a hungry, post-surf-sesh belly. Deven's neighbor's son (got it?) sent us this lovely vid of a tip-to-tip adventure he and his buddies took back in 2006.

Better fishing skills could have made this guy have a more typical fish taco but then again, we would've never been introduced to the amazingness of a Clif taco, now would we?

We’ll give these guys an A+ for innovation.

Heck, if you feel so inclined, whip up a little concoction of your own and let us know how it tastes.

Olive oil drizzled on a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar?

Sliced avocado and Carrot Cake?

A little splash of tomatillo sauce on a Crunchy Peanut Butter?

Who knows, it could be the next best thing.

*If you can't see the mini flick, you can also watch it here.
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Amy, Miss Web Gal

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