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Feb. 6, 2007
Why I Love TCB Red
For some of us who just joined the TCB Cycling program, this is the first time we’ve ever sported red team kits and it’s quite a change to go from a kit that’s not all red to one that is. It’s taken me a little while to get used to sporting red, and now I’m starting to get real comfy in the color.

And just recently I received this message from one of my teammates who’s in Norway right now freezing his butt off.  More good stuff about the power of red: 


Hey Guys,

You might enjoy the allegory in this NYT article on seeing red...TCB red, that is. So when someone comments on how red we are (though so far I have only gotten positive remarks), just remember what is below.

(snippets from the article)

"If you want to make a point, you make it in red."

"Red savors the spice of victory. Analyzing data from Olympic combat sports like boxing and tae kwon do, in which competitors are randomly assigned to wear red shorts or blue, Dr. Russell Hill and his colleagues at the University of Durham in Britain found that the red-shorted won their matches significantly more often than would be expected by chance alone. What the researchers don't yet know is whether the reds somehow get an subconscious boost from their garb, or their blue opponents are felled by the view."

"Red refuses to be penned down or pigeonholed. It has long been the color of revolution, of overthrowing the established order."

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