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Oct. 8, 2012
Win a Tough Mudder Race Entry Pack! (Plus, 11 Clif Bar Employees Tackle Tough Mudder)
It's no secret that life as a Clif Bar employee is incredibly active. With an on-site gym and personal trainers, we're constantly pushed to our own personal limits. So it seemed a logical and achievable next step for 11 of us to sign up for the so-called "Toughest Event on the Planet" -- Tough Mudder. Or so we thought.

But first, we want to share the love! Courtesy of CLIF Builder's Bar, we're giving away one sweet Tough Mudder prize package to a lucky tweeter. Simply tweet #ToughBuilders any time before this upcoming Friday, October 12 and we'll pick one winner at random to be announced the following Monday, October 15. We've even got a handy Builder's Bar protein calculator that will help you plan your race nutrition.

The winner will receive:

- One Tough Mudder Entry to the event of your choice
- A Sweatshirt
- A Tech T
- Builder's Bar logo Klean Kanteen bottle
- Case of your Favorite Builder's Bar flavor

We'll also pick 5 other tweeters at random to win:

- A Tech T
- Builder's Bar logo Klean Kanteen bottle
- Case of your Favorite Builder's Bar flavor

If you need the inspiration, here's how what CLIF Tough Mudder team felt about the event!

Sure, we had weeks of training at our disposal and plenty of CLIF Builder's Bars to help the 11 of us shape up for the event. But as we soon found out, Tough Mudder -- a 10-12 mile run interspersed with 25 obstacles of varying degree of difficulty -- is one interesting beast. So while it might seem fine to fire up the YouTube clips to see what the actual event is like, I thought it would be helpful for each of us to share our individual thoughts on the event to convince/dissuade anyone who's interested in signing up.

Tough Mudder team builders obstacle

And if you do decide to tackle this gnarly beast, look our for the CLIF booth on course, as well as the CLIF Builder's obstacle on-course. It's sure to be a doozy.

Derek Van Dyke
Creative Packaging Manager

Tough Mudder was awesome! As someone who had never done any similar sort of event, let alone a 5K, I was worried how prepared I would be for what’s labeled as “The Toughest Event on the Planet”. Months of training helped, and the support and encouragement from the rest of the Clif Bar team made me up for the challenge. Still, nothing could have prepared me for how cold the Arctic Enema would be or how much a 10,000 volt shock would hurt (a lot). But with a good deal of mental and physical toughness, and a lot of adrenaline, I got through all 11 exhausting miles and 20 brutal obstacles. It felt good crossing the finish line not just because it was over, but because I knew nothing could stop me. Now bring on 2013!

Melissa Paulo
LUNA/CLIF Kid Social Media

Signing up for Tough Mudder was probably the last event I'd ever imagine signing up for. However, once it was announced that our in-house trainers would be leading an official Tough Mudder training program, I figured this would be a fun way to work out and get to know other employees at Clif who I don't usually get to work with. These twice-a-week Tough Mudder training sessions were no joke. They were probably some of the most intense sweat and curse-filled workouts of my life. Leading up to race day, I was filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety. After nearly 12 miles trekking up and down a ski resort mountain in Tahoe, 20 obstacles later, pounds of mud caked on to my clothes, wading in pools of icy and murky water, and countless laughs, high-fives, boosts from my Clif Bar teammates, I can say with confidence that this was one of the best challenges I've ever taken on.

Every last Clif Bar employee made sure that no one was left hanging without a helping hand. Running through the last "Electroshock Therapy" obstacle together was priceless. Huge thanks to every Clifster who trained, encouraged and boosted me throughout the entire process and even bigger thanks to our trainers Steph, Sadie and Joe for putting us through all that pain. It was totally worth it.

half pipe

Emily Zisman
Consumer Service Representative

Tough Mudder was brutal and slightly terrifying. But it was also surprisingly rewarding in some unexpected places. I knew it was going to be hard. In fact, I purposefully didn’t read too much about it or look at too many videos of the obstacles beforehand. I REALLY didn’t want to psych myself out. I think taking each obstacle as it came helped me to swallow my anxiety and just do the thing in front of me...with the exception of the 20-foot-high dive. Yeah. I didn’t do that one. At all.

I think the most satisfying thing about this event was the teamwork and camaraderie that made itself apparent during our 4-ish hours on the course. I mean, you REALLY can’t do this thing alone. Unless you’re a unicorn or something. I got to know my co-workers in a completely different environment and they got to know a little more about me. They also helped me learn a bit more about myself. For instance: apparently, I curse like a sailor when I’m having a hard time. This event was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Yet. I would absolutely do it again. Maybe...ask me next year.

Rich Tan
Customer Development Manager

Tough Mudder is one of the longer races that I have ever done, and definitely one of the most challenging. Having been a runner back in college, I was a bit burnt out on distance races and was looking for something a little more exciting. Finding Tough Mudder with the mix of running, obstacles and the outdoors definitely made the event really exciting. It was an awesome race and would definitely do it again! Especially the Arctic Enema ice plunge and Everest quarter pipe obstacles…those were the best!

Tough Mudder Ty mud

Tayfun Ucar
Category Insights Manager

Going in to this event, I didn’t really know what to expect but I thought that it would be fun. Well...I was in for a treat! Even though it was quite painful at times and I had a hard time feeling my body parts, I made it in one piece thanks to all my teammates. It is almost impossible to get through some of those obstacles without help, so it is all about teamwork. That was one of the things that separated this event from anything else that I have done in the past. I said to myself, “This is it; I am never doing this thing again,” right after the race as I was covered in mud and dirt. But I certainly feel different now. Look out for me in the next year’s Tough Mudder!

Justin Stekoll
Associate Brand Manager, Builders and Shot

The toughest part of the Tahoe Tough Mudder was getting stuck in traffic for over an hour as we approached Northstar. Once we managed to get through the chaos of the gondola and festival area and start the event, an hour later than planned, things got off to a steep start. The first half of the event was trekking up the ski slopes, not fun and not fast. The obstacles were pretty fun and none of them were too difficult. The Arctic Enema was FREEZING cold; you really couldn’t train for the shock after you duck you head under the ice filled water. My least favorite obstacle were the Berlin Walls, due to the waiting before and they were tough to get over without help.

It was fun to go through the obstacles with a team, helping each other and having a good time the whole day. I would do the event again, if we could cut way down on the time (4.5 hours was WAY too long). It was definitely NOT the " Toughest Event on the Planet”, but it was fun to get dirty with teammates and participate in an event that was not timed and was very different than other running, cycling or triathlon events I’ve done in the past.

Alex Calderon
CLIF Brand Coordinator

I think the Tough Mudder race did live up to my expectations. I went in to the race expecting to finish and have a good time, and I knew the entire team could finish -- I just wanted to have fun and test myself on the day. I wouldn’t say Tough Mudder was the craziest/hardest event I’ve ever done, but I think you get out of it what you put in.

The event focuses on camaraderie and teamwork, and that’s the sort of mindset I went in to the race with. I wasn’t looking for a personal record or trying to win the event…I don’t even think you can win, for that matter. I feel if the team really wanted to push our limits, we could have ran the entire course (or tried to run at whatever grade those hills were at) and not wait for our teammates. But what’s the sense in leaving your team in the dust? We trained as a team, started as a team, and wanted to help each other out as a team – it just made sense to be safe, have fun, and enjoy the day! The entire event was a blast. I had a great time with the folks on the team and I would probably do it again.

But my least favorite obstacle was the Arctic Enema. Not only was it freezing cold, but left me with my *#%@ in my throat and a brain-freeze lasting a couple minutes. My next least favorite was the Electric Eel. I don’t remember all the details of the obstacle as I was blindsided by the electric current that ran through my veins, blacking out for a couple seconds and not knowing how I had moved forward. Such is life when you’re a badass Tough Mudder!

Wall Boost Tough Mudder

Chris Morell
CLIF Social Media

I've never had that innate desire to run a marathon like so many people here at Clif. To be honest, running bores me to tears. But the feeling of athletic competitiveness is something I've never lost since high school, and to me, that was the appeal of Tough Mudder. It's inventive, different and something that completely changes every half mile. It takes cardio, strength, agility and teamwork, and there are several obstacles you simply can't fake your way through. Was it the hardest thing I've ever done? Hard to say. The most ample way to describe it is "uncomfortable."

Here's what I mean. I've played an afternoon of basketball games that've left me more exhausted, or racquetball matches where my body feels is utterly worn. But Tough Mudder puts you through the wringer of discomfort. One minute you're sweaty hot, the next unfathomably cold. 10 minutes later you're getting shocked while crawling through mud, then forced to trudge through narrow, rocky, up/downhill terrain for several miles with mud and rocks lodged between your feet/socks/shoes. There's uncomfortable chafing, scrapes, bruises, cuts and sunburns. There's little water, less food and zero predicability. And that's exactly what I loved about it.

The last few downhill miles were brutal on the knees, and at point, a half-day of being continuously soaked and dried out had taken its toll on my patience. I was ready to be done. But not before a slippery run up a skateboard quarter pipe, where stupidly enough, I was the first member of our team to launch up. And that meant I was stuck pulling up several team members to the top of the "mountain," Sly Stallone style. My shoulders are still pissed.

So yeah, if you're expecting an urban race-style where you can control your personal comfort level with expensive shoes, socks and gear, forget it. This is all about testing your will to compete under the worst possible conditions. So if you like to be kept on your toes, this is the event for you.

Noah Lim
Customer Planning Analyst

Tough Mudder was pretty darn fun. It was a nice change of pace from the traditional forms of exercise that we enjoy every day. I mean, how often does the average person pick up a log and carry it around for a short hike, jump in a pool of ice cold water (that may or may not have numbed places we’re not going to talk about), shock themselves with electricity and run up a quarter pipe? Unless you’re Bear Grylls - and doing things like that is how you make your living - I’m pretty sure the answer is, "Not very often."

The greatest part about it, however, was being able to maneuver through the course with the entire team. The obstacles required a good mix of personal strength and team support, allowing us to create some fun memories. We all finished together, tired and dirty but definitely happy. It was a great event overall. Except for the guy that stole my finisher shirt while I was showering…that guy wasn’t cool.

Lisa Novak
CLIF PR Manager

Tough Mudder. These words have instilled some sort of secret vague terror in my girlish heart for the past two months, ever since the duel CLIF Mudder coaches, made me tug rope with a bunch of growling men and/or hoist my 5’3” self over a Universal machine and called it “training.” These are just not things chicks do, even in their most competitive, show-off-y moments. But I was committed to the mud, and Saturday saw all of my dirtiest [obstacle] dreams come true.

So, was the Mudder the much-hyped, testosterone heavy race all that it alleges to be? Maybe I was lulled by the promise of orange headband and a free Dos Equis at the finish, but even the icy Artic Enema and greased Funky Monkey didn’t phase me all that much. Like, is it sick to say I wished it had been even a little harder? Or that I secretly hoped there would be a larger scrum of frat boy bros to openly make fun of? Instead, with all the waiting around, water cooler chat, and rah-rah team work, I half expected to see the purple shirted cult of Team in Training appear at the top of the second Berlin Wall.

That said, I think what I took away from our five-hour mud-infused journey was that I did enjoy it, in a sort of hang-out-all-day-with-pals-and-walk-up-mountains sort of way. And maybe that doing a race doesn’t have to mean beating the clock, it can just mean enjoying a day. So, the million dollar question, "Would I do it again?" Well, never say never. Just keep me away from those Universal machines.

Pete Pampliega
IT Specialist

Tough Mudder was awesome! The hard work and training for the event made a huge difference. Thanks Stephanie, Sadie, and Joe (Clif Bar trainers) for training us. This being my third Tough Mudder, it was a challenge but I was more prepared for everything. The event was a bonding moment between everyone, not only with your team. Everyone was there working together to get through all the obstacles. The event is pretty CRAZY, but that’s what makes me want to do it.
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Chris Morell

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