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May. 8, 2007
Winning big
Kevin wins bigCome NCAA Tournament time, things can get pretty heated up around the Clif Bar office, and 2007 was no different. This year, with a huge pile of loot up for grabs, the bracket betting was as intense as ever. Although the competition went down to the wire, the clear winner at the end was none other than our own C.O.O., Kevin Cleary. 

Kevin picked every Final Four team correctly, and despite a huge charge at the end by Shot Brand Manager (and college sports expert) Chris Randall, in the end it wasn’t even close.

Given Kevin’s quiet demeanor and love of country music, folks around here often mistakenly label Kevin as “simple.” But, the truth is, Kevin is a complex individual, boasting a wealth of knowledge and brain power that are rivaled only by that of Stephen Hawking or perhaps Sanjaya.

And, like any former D1 athlete, Kevin brings a complete and ruthless game to the table whenever he's challenged. Kevin probably could have been a professional athlete, a rocket scientist or a poet, but instead he chose Clif Bar.

Of course, like all great competitors, Kevin is also a great sport and took it in stride when we paid our cumulative debt off in pennies. Thousands of them. 

As if that weren’t enough, Kevin was also presented with the first annual Art Vandalay Trophy for Mastery of Basketball Prediction, kicking off what is sure to be a longstanding Clif Bar tradition.

Congratulations, Kevin…you deserve it!

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