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May. 29, 2007
Wishing Andy a full and speedy recovery
As some of you know, I've been out of the NorCal racing mix for a couple weeks, and it'll be a while before I return due to a bunch-sprint-induced wrist injury that required surgery.


So, sadly, I missed the Trek Bicycle Store Memorial Day Criterium that the San Jose Bicycle Club puts on.  It's a race I always enjoy, so I was in touch with TCB Cycling teammates yesterday evening to see how things panned out in the P/1/2 race.


The news I received wasn't what I wanted to hear. Cal Giant rider Andy Jacques Maynes, one of the class acts of the NorCal race scene and an original member of the TCB Cyclocross program, went down hard in a bunch-sprint crash.


I can't say enough good stuff about Andy. Back in the day Andy and his brother Ben used to frequent Solano Ave Cyclery. They were good kids and at the shop we all just assumed that the twins would leave a mark on cycling.  Somehow even at a young age it was obvious that the brothers weren't just two kids who were fond of bikes—these kids belonged on bikes. 


It's the rare combination of blatant speed and humbleness that makes Andy such a fine ambassador for the sport of cycling. TCB Cycling riders and many others out there look up to Andy for all that he offers the sport and we're looking forward to the day when he's back in the mix at the races.


Sounds like Andy is beaten up but that he's also headed in a good direction on the road to recovery. Take a look at the ncnca racing website for more information about Andy's recovery.


Andy, here's to a full and speedy recovery. We're looking forward to the day that you're back at the races ripping our legs off in the gentlemanly way that you do it.


We're thinking of you.

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