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Jun. 15, 2005
Would you like fries with that?
Mary Kate:

This morning as I’m stopping and going on the freeway parking lot from hell, I had to close the window because I was behind a pick-up truck that had no muffler on it. I was fiddling with the radio, drinking my tea, and wondering why the freeway is always so jam-packed on Wednesday mornings. Is it because all those deadbeats who work at home part-time finally decide that Wednesday would be a good day to come into the office? I don’t know, I have nothing to offer here in the way of explanation.

So, I turned on the air-conditioner, but still the fumes came in cooled at least, but still fumes. I switched lanes to get away from the truck, and noticed a ’62 VW bus up ahead of me. It was that pale turquoise color, nicely faded, and white on the upper body and top. I escaped into the past, (no I’m not that old!) and wondered if it still had a reek of patchouli or other aromatic substances embedded in the upholstery, or if it had ever been on any camping trips to Yosemite or Cabo, before Cabo was CABO!!!! Coming back from my roadway musings, the smell of French fries wafts in through the air vent, and I realize that it’s bio-diesel from the beautiful little VW bus, (because I was nowhere near any fast food), and it made me smile for the first time that morning to think that recycling has come this far, in the guise of vegetable oil transporting a 43 year old vehicle.

So whoever you are out there, GRIFL 62, thank you. I think your bus is cool, and mmm, thanks for those breakfast fries.
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