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Feb. 1, 2007
Valentines Day is just around the corner.

Are you thinking of buying a treat for a loved one? If you are, you might want to take a look at a few tips from the folks over at the Organic Consumers Association. They provide lots of nice eco-friendly gift ideas that have less of an impact on the earth.

Did you know?
Valentines Day marks the biggest shopping day of the year, when it comes to chocolate and flowers. But did you know that by purchasing organic and Fair Trade chocolate and flowers your consumer dollars will no longer be going towards toxic pesticides, child slavery, and farm worker exploitation? Over 40 percent of the world's conventional chocolate (i.e. non-organic and non-Fair Trade) comes from the Ivory Coast, where the US State Department has reported widespread instances of child slavery. Meanwhile organizations such as the Pesticide Action Network point out that commercial flowers, produced in countries such as Colombia, are the most toxic and heavily sprayed agricultural crops on Earth.

For a complete list of companies that sell fair trade and organic flowers, chocolates, paperless/recycled cards and gifts, check out the Valentine's Buying Guide on their website.

*Did you know? tip brought to you buy the Organic Consumers Association.

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