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Jun. 27, 2007
Yoga-ing it up with Robin
Celeb sighting!Earlier this week, Melissa, our NorCal Field Rep, was in Marin handing out elixir and doing yoga as part of the LUNA and lululemon live free, eat well mobile tour. While out and about, she happened upon a very special Bay Area celeb...

Can you look beyond those glasses and that silver chain and guess who it is? Yup, that's right; our very own resident comedian, Mr. Robin Williams.

You better bet your bottom dollar that Melissa wasn't about to let him go without first snagging a photo. When it came time to document the momentous occasion, her partner in crime had suddenly disappeared; she had no choice other than to revert to a self-portrait (notice the craddling-head action).

Next time, maybe she can get him on a yoga mat.

Thanks, Robin. You made our day.

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