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Feb. 6, 2008
You can tie it in a knot, you can tie it in a bow—but not for long….
You may know her by the voice on the other end of the phone when you ring the office. Or perhaps by the accurately hand-drawn self-portrait that appears on Why is this drawing so right on? Well, for one, the hair. Come March, however, Emily may just have to take another stab at this self portrait. Why, you ask? Emily fills us in.


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

I've always been identified by the gi-normous pile of curls perched atop my noggin. It’s been my M.O., my calling card and even my alter ego in some instances. At the CLIF Bar Holiday party, people who've known me for over a year had to be formally re-introduced simply because I had used a flat-iron.

I feel like a rock-star when I can swing it around on stage and when I’m dancing in the gym. I can tie it in a knot. Seriously.

What made me decide to finally do it?

I met a young woman on a trip to Portland a couple of months back who couldn’t stop glowing about her experience with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. She held up pictures and told me the heartwarming story of how she became involved, how she inspired her entire office to become involved and donate a breathtaking amount of invaluable funds towards the research of children’s cancer, and how her sister flew down strictly to support her and ended up doing it as well!

She told me about sitting in the barber chair while the children directly benefiting from her efforts were grinning right along with their families as one by one folks clamored into the seats and out again with shorn noggins.

Well, they both inspired me. They ALL inspired me. If I was standing over the ledge before and contemplating a slow decent, I am now rearing backwards and poising a mammoth leap!

I’m-a gonna shave my head! I’m gonna donate the funds I generate from this decision to the research of Children’s Cancer and hopefully, my curly mop will be falling playfully down the forehead of a brave, playful, curious little girl (or boy) who has spent countless hours at war with his or her own body.

Read up on the organization at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website.

Check it out! Look around. Read about the amazing kids who manage to maintain a smile and a positive attitude through all of the treatment. Maybe you’ll even want to start a donation pot of your own….

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