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Who answers your inquiry?


Bobby - Customer Service
Bobby, a native New Yorker and die-hard Yankees fan, enjoys leisure time with his family, cooking, that first sip of fresh, hot coffee in the morning, landscaping, walking his dog, home improvement projects, vintage tube radio restorations, and producing original music in his home recording studio. Bobby meditates by thumbing thru the dusty dollar vinyl bins at his local record stores.


Emily - Customer Service
Emily is indigenous to the Bay Area. She enjoys foraging for local fruits in the Berkeley hills and farmers markets. She adores Autumn and all of its crispiness. She has a penchant for getting the heck out of dodge and exploring as far as she can, whenever she can. Emily spends her free days writing and performing music and her evenings dancing to the blues. So, put on your red shoes….


Demetria - Customer Service
Demetria is a native of Northern California and has been a happy California girl for X amount of years!!! Ha! Did you think I would reveal that? She is a huge Oakland Raider fan and a nervous football mom. “When I watch my son playing football in the Pop Warner games, it makes me so nervous, but he’s a strong kid so I look forward to his debut on the Raiders team!” But wait! There’s more! It has been said that she can rock a microphone on stage as well as a phone call at her desk with reckless abandon, passion and a wealth of knowledge and talent. Her extraordinarily friendly voice is waiting to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Tara - In-house nutrition authority and registered dietician
Tara has always found nutrition fun and interesting! At age eight Tara was popular for her lunchtime trades of chips and twinkies for a good piece of fruit or an occasional homemade cupcake. Tara has long been an advocate for healthy and enjoyable food and delights in sipping coffee at local coffee houses, exploring new neighborhood restaurants in San Francisco, and visiting local farmers markets. She is known to day dream about Montana, Italy, and the Red Sox’s world series win while running and biking the trails or while getting all twisted in her favorite yoga class.

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