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We take great care in creating CLIF Kid snacks to give kids fantastic tasting food with the right kind of nutrition they need for their growing, active bodies.

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The Importance of Outdoor Activity

Nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand when it comes to kids overall health. As with nutrition, time kids spend being physically active and their fitness levels are also correlated with better moods, behaviors, concentration and learning. It is recommended that kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day and balance that physical activity with the right amount of calories they take in to maintain their growing bodies at a healthy weight.

CLIF KID encourages kids to get outside and play. Playing outside allows children to run about freely and is great way to encourage them become naturally fit. Encourage your kids to balance what they eat with how they move with fun backyard games.

ENERGY IN: Calories provide the energy kids need to grow and play. How many calories each child needs depends on gender, height, weight, age and activity level. On average, most kids fall within the range of needing 1,400 to 2,500 calories each day.

ENERGY OUT: Kids need to be active every day so they stay physically and mentally fit. Activity uses up the energy that is eaten from calories.

Over time, balancing "Energy In" from calories and "Energy Out" from activity will put kids in Energy Balance which promotes healthy growth and development.

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