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The Natural Performance Enhancer™

CLIF SHOT takes a streamlined approach to performance nutrition – delivering what your body needs most while training and racing. Our organic ingredients help provide clean essential energy and hydration, plus fast muscle recovery.

Clif Shot Bloks

CLIF SHOT BLOKS are the latest nutrition option for endurance athletes. SHOT Bloks come in chewable, 33 calorie cubes, making it easy to customize and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races.

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CLIF SHOT provides scientifically-backed ingredients in quantities high enough to improve performance.

Easy to Use Packaging

CLIF SHOT’s packaging is designed to be seamless to use in motion – it stows easily, then opens and delivers quickly so you won’t miss a beat.


CLIF SHOT is field-tested to taste great when racing and training, putting your taste buds on overdrive.


CLIF SHOT uses the highest level of organic ingredients possible.