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Pace Your Race!

Running a marathon is about making it all the way to the finish tape. So don’t go out there and hit a wall. Use your pace band to run even splits every mile.

Reading Your Band

  • The numbers on the left are your mile markers. All 26.2 of them.
  • After you’ve entered when you want to finish, times are given indicating when you should arrive at the corresponding mile marker.
  • The yellow bands mean it’s calorie loading time. It’s a good time to eat 1 CLIF SHOT Gel or 3 CLIF SHOT Bloks. Be sure you drink water and fluids throughout the race.

Print Your Band

  • Click on “Print Your Band” to bring up your printer dialog window.
  • After printing, cut along the border of the pace band
  • Waterproof the band by covering both sides with clear packing tape.
  • Wrap the band around your wrist, covering the bottom tab with the top edge of the band.

Please note: on a black and white printer the yellow stripes will print a light gray. These stripes indicate the miles when you’ll need to eat CLIF SHOT Gel or Bloks.