Pace Team Leader

Harvey says he views each marathon as a great adventure! He’s thrilled to have the honor to pace runners and finds inspiration in their stories. He enjoys running for the sheer exhilaration, the camaraderie, the scenery of new sites, and perhaps most of all the giant all you can eat buffet the day before the race.

Harvey has run a marathon each year for 23 years. He took 5 years to break the 5 hour barrier and 17 years to qualify for Boston. He learned a lot over those years and whatever your goal, he’s interested in helping you there. His current PR is 2:48 but he’s not done trying to get faster.

When not teaching High School in his hometown of Cincinnati, you might find Harvey taking runners on guided excursions in far away lands. He’s run on every continent and over 70 countries. According to Harvey, running is one of the best ways to see the world!