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Team CLIF Bar's Winter Stoke Meter is HIGH!
Chris Benchetler getting it good. photo - Peter Morning
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Nov 19, 2010
All.I.Can: A Film that Fuses Riding and the Environment

We at Clif Bar & Company love to support great people doing great work. And this particular project is no exception. Thanks to a ton of hard work and countless hours, we get to enjoy phenomenal footage from some amazing athletes in some outrageous locations; and all the while with a perspective on what it takes to respect and protect the places where we all love to play. Have a look below at what to expect from All.I.Can, and check the trailer for some stoke on the winter to come. Big ups to all who are doing their part and enjoying the ride along the way!


What are the effects of the choices we make, Why is our mother sick with disease, Where are the places that we feel most alive, Who are the people who are making change, When are we going to learn, How are we going to make it better? The Sherpas proudly present All.I.Can: a two-year feature film project that fuses our passions for riding and exploring the mountains with our potential to help the environment. The film strives to unite global mountain culture and bind us together as the leaders of a green revolution. We must be inspired to do all we can for the environment, and we must learn how to take that first tiny step in the right direction. Multi-award winning Directors Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland journey to Chile, Morocco, Alaska, BC and beyond with riders Kye Petersen, Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, JP Auclair, James Heim, Chris Rubens, Mike Douglas, Dana Flahr, Rory Bushfield, Ian McIntosh, Lynsey Dyer, Alexi Godbout, Matty Richard, Chad Sayers and more. Full feature drops in fall 2011.

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B Cole
Winter Sports
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