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Mar 5, 2013
Chris Del Moro and his Bella Vita!

Here at CLIF we have the great pleasure or working with some of the most incredible athletes and individuals that the planet has ever served up. From pure athleticism, to above and beyond community engagement, to edge running cultural creatives, we are inspired by those who inspire. Go figure!

Hailing from our FreeSport roster in the world of SURF and all things aquatic, Chris del Moro is no exception to the talent and one of those rare gems that shines through all that he is a part of.  In his most recent project Chris lights out and back into the roots of his Italian homeland. Coming soon to a venue near you, Chris and his compadre Jason Baffa bring us Bella Vita.

Chris was kind enough (as he always is) to share a bit about the project from his perspective. Enjoy a taste straight from the masters mind below and keep an eye out for Bella Vita to fall upon you soon.  As if it hasn't already.....


Dear CLIF family, it's my great pleasure to send over the first look into the Bella Vita film project.

As I grow older and hopefully wiser I find myself drawn closer to my roots and appreciation for my family history. As fate had it, my friend Jason Baffa director of single fin yellow and One Californian day was on the scout for a 3rd project to ad to his wonderful films. Turns out we share Italian roots, so the concept of returning to explore my youth, our land and the amazing emerging surf culture was a natural fit.

The project had Jason and I there for just over 3 months, in which we dove into every wave and adventure our energy's could sustain. Surfing in a land locked sea is far from easy especially when the Mediterranean can go waveless for months at a time. Fortunately the days of flatness allowed for our group to explore the wonderful traditions of artisan crafts, history and the wonderfully wide variety of soul food. We were joined by Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill, The Coffin Brothers and many of Italy's top surfers, artist, free thinkers, musicians and so on. Bella Vita was shoot primarily on 35mm with a small mix of digital smile

Here is a look into our endeavors, we hope you like it and possibly find your selves riding a wave in the salty Mediterranean sea.

Gratitude, Chris Del Moro


For a little more on Bella Vita (and a couple of sweet images of Chris and crew), be sure to check the latest issue of Surfer Magazine.

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B Cole
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