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Mar 7, 2011
Bouldering in France: Fontainebleau Cheese and Slopers

When you live in Yosemite year round like Team CLIF BAR climber Beth Rodden, the winter season can get a little tough to say the least. With 2 storms in the past 3 weeks bringing over 10 feet of snow to the Sierra, it's no wonder that Beth and her crew of climbing partners up and left town in search of some more suitable climbing conditions. Below Beth gives a firsthand account of some of her travels in France, exploration of some of the culinary delights, and time well spent with friends in the forest of Fontainebleau. A month in France.... We left the Bay area early one Saturday morning. This was to be my first overseas trip in almost two years due to injury setbacks, and too many fun options in the Sierra. But, with six of my closest friends all heading over to spend a month bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau, I couldn't resist joining the fun. Everyone on this trip is a foodie. And it's pretty hard not to be when you live in Berkeley. Luckily for all of them, they can delve into the wonders of French cuisine. Not so lucky for me, I am violently allergic to dairy products, which are probably the biggest staple in French cooking.

Beth2 - Dairy


Fortunately for me, I am a big fan of dark chocolate, so I knew that I could partake in some of the fun. Not to mention I brought along an adequate amount of Clif Bar products to last me the entire month! The first few days of the trip have been a reintroduction into the subtle climbing on sandstone. I've been amazed at what my feet will stick to and what my palms can actually hold on to. The gentleness of the rock is a welcomed change from the sharp granite in my home of Yosemite. Life here has been distilled back down to the basics; wake up in the morning, fuel up on good French food, head to the boulders, climb til we can't anymore, head home, refuel the body with more good French food, go to sleep, and repeat. It's funny how noisy life can become sometimes, and how satisfying the simple life can be. I wake up each morning with aching muscles, sore feet, raw fingertips, and a smile on my face. I love living, breathing and climbing all the time. It soothes my soul.

Beth1 - Rock

With a little less than three weeks left here in the forest (and more boulder problems to try that we can count on all of our fingers and toes), I feel like we haven't even scratched the surface of what Font can offer, and probably won't be able to in a lifetime. And that doesn't even include all of the other wonders to explore here in France.

Beth3 - Streets

The other day I Googled "vegan in Paris" and got some pretty comical results ranging from "why bother" to "best go somewhere else." There were a few pages however that came through with flying colors. I now have several restaurants and shops to go explore to see what the French can offer a person with a particular eating style like me. Until then, I'll keep sending with my CLIF CRUNCH Bars and dark chocolate.

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B Cole
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