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Aug 19, 2005
Dodgeball: Brought It

It never fails that on the day before leaving on vacation, today, the work world takes the gloves off and gives me a good ol’ fashioned, bare-knuckled beat-down. I’m sure my nose is bleeding, and I’m developing some sort of butt rash from not leaving my chair in the past eight hours.

the mighty onesThat reminds me of the fun we had competing in Backpacker Magazine’s Dodgeball tourney. We thought we brought our "A-Game," but we actually brought "A-Pretty-Lame-Game."

We lost the first match, won the second by forfeit, somehow won the next game in a legit manner, only to be whupped by some squad that used to play on the pro circuit in Yugoslavia. Sure, some of the other teams cheated and there was no drug testing, but it probably didn’t matter.

I did get in one good illegal headshot. It was actually an honest-to-goodness error. Caught a women in the side of the noggin’ and watched as she grabbed her ear and dropped to the ground. I felt bad and good at the same time.

Dodgeball’s an emotional rollercoaster. One poor fellow actually broke his leg quite seriously right at the beginning of the tournament. It wasn’t pretty. But it did make the illegal shot to that lady’s head look a lot less severe.

What I learned is that Dodgeball’s a lot like bowling.

Ouch, Kory!Sometimes, the most effective technique is to simply throw the damn ball as hard as you possibly can. Some of the other teams used the same technique, as evident by the large bruises that a number of the Clif Bar Dodgeballers were sporting on Monday.

At the after-parties, people believed us when we told everyone we’d won—and a drunk woman actually hit on Grady and me while we were still in our goofy Dodgeball uniforms. Can’t say that’s ever happened at a bike race.

We’ll be back. And that winner’s trophy—the one I put my chewing gum on and then drank beer out of before the security lady stopped me—it’ll be ours someday.


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Le Sensation American
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