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Chris Benchetler getting it good. photo - Peter Morning
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Mar 21, 2011
Fantastic Foursome Take on the Incredible Hulk

Team CLIF BAR member Lorenzo Worster and Mammoth based Telemark ski mountaineer Nate Greenberg (co-author of Backcountry Skiing California's Eastern Sierra) have been long time friends. Though they have traveled and skied throughout the US, the reality is that they have done very little skiing in Sierra together. So when Lorenzo called Nate and proposed putting together a day of skiing in the Bridgeport area, Nate jumped on it. In the flow of their planning process, they managed to grab another Mammoth local (and world renowned adventure photographer) Christian Pondella and Tahoe based Team CLIF ski mountaineer John Morrison.

PONDELLA_HULK_getting there


The primary objective for this fantastic foursome was to link up the two north couloirs that flank the east and west sides of the Incredible Hulk couloirs in Little Slide a day.

PONDELLA_HULK_looking up

Though Morrison had skied the western couloir some time ago, he had never skied the eastern and the other three had never been into that zone at all. This trip revealed that the east couloir is steeper, narrower, and more exposed than the west, and delivered firm, wind affected snow. The west couloir alternately offers a super aesthetic descent between giant granite walls, and had held a stash of nearly perfect powder.


No doubt this turned out to be a great day of exploration amongst friends in the high country, which really is what it's all about. And as one session often leads to another, the tick list for these guys has only got bigger and brainstorming for the next adventure is already well underway.

PONDELLA_HULK_turn under the tower

All photo credits to Christian Pondella.

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B Cole
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