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Jan 28, 2013
Fitz Roy in the Finest Fashion

HUGE Congrats to Kate Rutherford (Team CLIF Bar on right) and climbing partner Madaleine Sorkin (left) for sending Fitz Roy in the finest fashion!

Here is a little excerpt from Kate's BLOG and a photo or two to tease you on over for details.

"Just back to El Chalten after a breath taking climb up Mate Poro on the North Pillar of Fitz Roy. Madaleine Sorkin and I had yet another Princess Cruise together. Pretty inspiring to climb a really big mountain with a great girl friend! Excellent hand jams were plentiful, and the Gringos Perditos variation was great fun, super cool sculpted holds. Lucky for me the 3 bivis were so much warmer then most I have had in this part of the world, and we had plenty of food!"

Speaking of Food...Kate gives a great shout out to CLIF's Panforte here.  You'll note on Kate's BLOG that she takes the liberty of renaming the product to honor its south american translation.  Viva Pan Fuerte!

Just days later, Kate and Madeline and Lisa B took back to the highcountry and added Mermoz to the list of rapid fire accomplishments. Kate shares in her own words below.

"I am exhausted and very happy. We (Madaleine, Lisa B and I) three chicas climbed the Red Pillar on Mermoz on Sunday! It was not only the best crack climb of my life, but also the last of the big project to climb the Fitz skyline that is so iconic here. good thing there are a million more projects. Lisa B had her first patagonian summit, and was a great pleasure the whole way! And Madaleine was a power house of hand jams.

I am looking forward to a week of rest, tho the weather looks good again, I think I am good to go after a double Cumbre week. I will try to rest, do some art and recuperate this week, so that we can send some more from the Niponino side. 

I love my life. Thanks for all the support!"

We love your life too Kate!  Keep on sending and thanks for allowing us to feed your stoke.

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B Cole
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