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Oct 20, 2009
Gary’s Adventure in the Dolomites Continues

Gary’s back with more from his adventure in the Dolomites with his friend Gregg. Read on for a recap of days three and four. More climbs, more food, and a bit of rain.

It’s another spectacular day in the Dolomites.

We started on an amazing bike-only trail from Cavalese to the Passo Valles, then went on to the Passo Pellegrino.

A quick panini in Moena and then up the Val di Fassa and over the Passo Selle to Selva Val Gardena.

We ran into some rain today on the descent into town but it wasn’t too cold.

Where’s the van…

As I said on day one, when I first started doing these trips, Jay and I didn’t carry energy bars. It was 1986. Clif first launched in 1992. Now, we have all of our CLIF products; while I love having CLIF Bars, SHOT and SHOT Bloks on the bike with me, weight is an issue.

Today, we road only 110 kilometers but climbed 9,300 feet. The last thing we needed was more weight.

But man, at the top of the Pellegrino, I pulled out a Carrot Cake Clif Bar and savored every bite.

Speaking of food, we keep finding great Pizzerias with all kinds of other Italian favorites, pastas, roasted potatoes and the fungi is in season. Whoa; nothing like pizza con fungi.

Sleeping well…

Today we road four passes: Passo Gardena, Campagnola, Fedaia and Selle (second time).

Kit and I road this pass several years ago on her first “white road” bike trip. She was amazing.

The Fedaia is one of the hardest passes in Europe. On the way up, Kit and I stopped on the pass for some tea. So I had Gregg take a picture of the café/bar Kit and I stopped at-Bar Capanna Bill, whatever that means.

It was a nice break on such a hard climb.

Gregg and I wondered whether we were even going to make it over the first pass today; the weather called for rain all day, but we decided to take it pass by pass. It ended up raining on the Fedaia but quit by the time we reached the top.

After a great lunch on the pass, we made it over the Selle and back to Selva safe and dry. As soon as we put our bikes away, it started dumping and rained all night.

Back in 1982, when I was climbing in the Alps, someone told me that only fools and new comers try to predict the weather in the Alps and Dolomiti. 

It’s taken me a long time not to be a fool about weather.

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