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Jun 16, 2005
Giro D’Italia


Some cool news here from the Giro d’Italia.

Dave Zabriskie is a local transplant, originally from SLC.  My teammate Jeff raced with Dave when Dave was just a wee little tyke coming up through the ranks of the SLC bike racing scene.  A lot of folks recognized that Dave had some very legit cycling skills even back then.

Last year Dave borrowed the spotlight in the Media Center during Tyler Tunes to speak about his first big career stage win at the Tour of Spain.  Dave road for Postal during the last few seasons and is now with the CSC Cycling Team.

Many of you have likely seen Dave in the Berkeley office when he stops by to pick up product or lure me out for coffee.  Dave’s a very likeable guy and a fine ambassador for the sport of cycling, so it was thrilling to watch him pull off the biggest win of his career in the Stage 8 Giro d’Italia Time Trial on Sunday.  An absolutely wonderful underdog victory that nobody predicted (even though Dave is the US Time Trial Champ).

You can learn more of the details at:

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