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Winter is On!
Team CLIF Bar's Winter Stoke Meter is HIGH!
Chris Benchetler getting it good. photo - Peter Morning
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Jan 25, 2012
JUNE-uary 2012: A Win Win When it Comes to High Country Fun.

This January in particular has been more like JUNE-uary in some parts of the world. Team CLIF Bar skier Jenn Berg has no problem finding a good time in the mountains no matter what the conditions.  Below Jenn gives us a glimpse of what she has been up to and reminds us all that life truly is about perspective. When life serves up snow, we ride POW; and when the sun shines (and the snow is tough to find), there's nothing like a mountain bike ride in the middle of winter.

It’s another beautiful day in the Wasatch Mountains.  The skies are clear and a mix of dirt and snow cover the surrounding peaks.  Hmmm… should I ski or mountain bike today?

This is not a typical mid winter question I ask myself, but sometimes Mother Nature throws a curve ball with her gifts, and you seek fun times in untraditional ways. 

Yeah, it’s high and dry this winter, but we did have a fantastic early season!  Ski touring before the ski resorts opened around Utah was quality.

Sadly, the snow has fizzled out.  But, thanks to modern transportation, there are ways of getting a powder fix. :D

For me it started this summer.  Discovering and exploring the mountains that surround Portillo, Chile while on a Mountain Hardwear shoot.  It was my first time skiing in Chile, and boy those Andes Mountains sure are spectacular! - Portillo, Chile

Most recently, I returned from Alaska.  Friends and I shredded laps, all day and all night at Alyeska Resort.  I must say, night skiing in the middle of a storm is a pretty hypnotic and epic experience!  Plus, with record-breaking snowfall in AK, resort laps felt like quality backcountry sessioning. 

It is always hard for me to pass up any kind of skiing whenever snow exists, but I think today is looking to be a bike day!  Change is inevitable and I know the soft~fluffy~white~magic will return.  But for today at least, I’m grabbing my mtb pack, Clif SHOT Bloks and rolling out of here.

Wherever you end up Meeting your Moment, enjoy that moment, appreciate the gifts of our natural playground whether it involves sliding on snow or rolling on dirt.  Either way, it sure is awesome!!

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B Cole
Winter Sports, Mountain Biking
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