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May 8, 2006
Lookin’ good in lycra

lookin' good in a clif kitPiles of stuff—relatively organized piles of stuff, but piles none the less. There’s a lot going on right now but most recently, I’ve been working on the TEAM CLIF BAR race kits for the coming season.

I realize that only cyclists and superheroes think that full lycra outfits stand any chance of looking good; but when you’re a bike racer, it’s pretty darn important to sport the best look possible when you’re spending hours each day in team-issue race duds. So a considerable amount of time each year is spent on making sure the team riders are fine-rolling, lycra-covered examples of The Shindizzle.

The layout of the kit each season is a project that I always look forward to. I’ve designed a good number of cycling kits over the years, so each season it’s a fun challenge to come up with something new that’ll catch the eye of the fans as well as the photographers.

Just recently, we were discussing the merits of using a contrasting colored thread in the visible seam areas of the ’06 kits—the little details can play a big role in putting together a spanky team kit that truly rocks the race season.

After all, what fun is winning if you look dopey in some ill-sorted, poorly-thought-through team kit? There’s a lot less incentive to cross the finish line first if you look like a goof.

So the ’06 layout should be done soon and moved off to another pile on the desk. Keep an eye out for it on the TEAM CLIF BAR Cyclocross riders this season and let us know what you think. 


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Le Sensation American
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