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Apr 27, 2005
Mavericks Surf, NBC and Pride

Amidst general ‘doings’ in the city this weekend, I attended a sponsor party (airing party) at Hard Rock Cafe SF, for the Maverick’s surf contest we sponsored back in March. Nice to see that thing get big time air, on NBC Sports. Clif got a couple nice logo shots (thanks Zach! Zach Wormhoudt is one of our athletes and took 4th overall – Rock On!) and the comp looked great. We were out on a boat in the line-up on the day of, watching the cresting 40’ pounders up close. Absolutely amazing to say the least…but there’s something to be said for being able to see it all edited down to the best of, beginning to end, in a matter of one hour, whilst sipping on a beer.

Toward the end of the viewing, the Mavericks Crew/Santa Cruz Boyz showed up to carry the party into the afternoon. O-Five’s winner, Anthony Tashnick was there, along with Mavs legend Flea, and a handful of others. Geoff, a surfer, coworker, friend and overall gentleman, suggested we SF Boys should go challenge the Santa Cruz Boys to a surf off (smiling all the while, of course). I thought it was a great idea. Had I not been nursing a pinky hangnail by soaking it in my Appletini, I might just have done it. Lucky for them. Next time. Next time.

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